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The game will be in action genre, designed in 3D and game play is by the first person. The story of the game is about the special agent who must survive and eliminate all the alien hostile robots and their spaceship.

First the  logo of  the  company appears on the screen as launching image. Then the title page of the game appears. On this page there must be the images of the robots, island and the hero and also at the center of the screen there must be the menu of the game which consists this buttons: PLAY, PROFILES, OPTIONS, LOAD.

INTRO (Will be designed by the designer)

Intro will be in comics cartoon style. In the first picture there will be the story about how the problem began: An alien spaceship intervened into the Earth atmosphere.  The radars on the ground of Earth’s continents send the signals to realize what purpose the spaceship came on to the Earth. But no reply comes from the spaceship. And it lands one of the little islands on the ocean. The UN Security Council decides to send on the island a special agent which must learn the aim of the aliens and if their purpose is dangerous, to eliminate them all. The special agent parachutes from the plane onto the island. And the action begins…


When the game begins the gamer will see the hand and the gun before him on the desktop. It will give the gamer the feeling as the special agent is himself and the story is realistic. He sees that the special agent landed from parachute on the island with trees, little lake and the hills. The island surrounded by ocean. He quickly hides behind a stone because he sees the robots. He sees that the robots are armed and they are hostile, because they were firing every living on the island which they come across. To be sure he goes out from the stone he was hiding and tries to speak to a robot which was near him. But the robot began to fire at him with its gun. The special agent once again hides behind the stones and counter attacks the alien robots. His aim is to survive and eliminate all the robots. Sometime battling, he realizes that every eliminated robot was renewed by the Spaceship. He decides to blow up the spaceship. The main story of the game is about the victory of the gamer or the AI – the alien intruders.

Alkamil Softech is a part of Al Kamil Group a holdings company & investment house with a significant presence in the Middle East & North Africa as well as Eastern Europe.

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