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“THE TOYS OF DRAGON: PRESCHOOL GAME” – is an exciting educational game for preschoolers.

Attractive animated little dragon presents seven different mini games in one app, 26 levels (because of 26 different images for ABC mini game), which teach preschool children the knowledge about counting, forms, difference, math, memory and ABC.

The game is designed for children of ages 3 to 5 years. This period is large enough, over these years children learn a lot of information. Five mini-games of this application (due to location and volume) are suitable for children of earlier years – from 3 to 5 years, and the math game and ABC would be more understandable to adult children of age closer to 6 years. However, all seven mini games are parts of one game.


When the child presses an icon of the game on his/her iPad, the launching image of the game will appear with the logo of my company. In the screensaver, there is the little dragon flying and landing on the meadow. At this time, the name of the game will pop up over the little dragon. Below the title screen appears “PLAY” button and when the child presses the button, the page with the line of the mini games icons appear (as in the beginning of the game “Cut the rope”). When the player chooses the icon of the mini game he/she wants to play, the game begins.

  • COLOUR OF TOYS : In the first mini game the little says the color name (for example, “RED”). The player must select the toy in the color which was said by the dragon.
  • SIZE OF TOYS : In the second mini game near the little dragon there will be the same toys in different sizes. The dragon will say the size ( For example, “The biggest one”), and the player must select the said sized toy.\
  • NUMBER OF TOYS :  There will be toys near the little dragon ( from 1 toy to 10 toys). The little dragon asks to count his toys with him. When the player touches the toys the dragon will count in the periodical way as touched.
  • ABC OF TOYS : In this mini app the playing child learns English alphabet by choosing the right letter to the image speared on the screen (for example, “B” for “bear”).
  • MATH OF TOYS : This is a math game in which the child learns to extract the number of toys or add them by the help of little dragon ( involved toys’ number is from 1 to 10).
  • MATCH THE TOYS : In this app, the player must find two identical toys which are hided under 10 cases. When the player finds the pair of toys the cases will disappear and the game will go on till the cases are remained.
  • PUZZLE OF TOYS:  This is a puzzle game in which with the help of little dragon the player must unite all divided parts of the toys (one different toy in every stage).

In every mini game when the player finds the right answer, the little dragon says “yes”, when the player is wrong the dragon says “no”, when the game is successfully ended dragon says “wonderful” and flies out. In the screen there will be help button and when the player touches it, the dragon will show the right answer.

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