Two Roads

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Two Roads

Escape through Two Roads to your way home.
A happy go lucky alien named Frothy is trapped on earth for a long time. Finally got a chance to escape!!!
But to reach his home he has to go through the only way, which is named as Two Roads.
Two Roads has 2 roads vertically parallel over each other, which will lead to his destination, Wait!! It’s not so simple the roads have many obstacles designed to stop intruders from invading.
Move through it and try not to hit obstacles, remember you have to reach your home your destination.

The rules are simple:

  • Swipe Up, Down and Right, Left to switch between Roads and Lanes.
  • Avoid hitting the obstacles with power-ups. But destroy when on power-ups.
  • Make Hi-Score.

Two Roads is a simple/easy game to play.


  • Blaze (Raze mode): 4-second boost speed with no death.
  • Turbo: 3-Second boost speed with 1 life.
  • Magnet: 4-second attract nearby magnet.
  • Shield: Protect you from 1 hit.
  • Upgrades.
  • Avatars.





Press Kit:

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Two Roads Press KIT





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